COMING SOON! – The Epic Undoing of Haley Ann Ewing


A fast-paced Christian comedy novel, scheduled for release by Evergreen Press in November 2012

Email Willow at to reserve your copy at a special prerelease discount. Don’t miss this limited-time offer!


Back cover:

“…I didn’t even know who I was anymore. My gaze wandered from the hooved animal leg lamp, to the way Marlene’s ketchup-red perm clashed with her green boozy drink, to the disgusting rib bones on my own plate. It was all so stupidly surreal, so shameful, it defied even a Facebook report…”

Facing a cataclysmic identity crisis, pregnant Haley is battling for her very life. Her life as an eco-chic, vegan Christian, that is. She hadn’t counted on being thrust into a war zone when she agreed to leave her East Coast life and go with her husband, Rick, to the Montana outback for the summer. And, she certainly hadn’t counted on attending a church function in a smoky, rancid saloon. Rather than run from it, though, Haley decides it is her God-given mission to subdue and educate the redneck forces that discount her superior vocabulary and her superior hairdo. Fueled by the venom of an ancient Pharisaical snakebite, and with no help from Rick or his freaky Aunt Win, Haley dives headfirst into her mission only to find herself sucked irretrievably into a maelstrom of humiliating mishaps.

With tensions mushrooming as fast as her waistline, will Haley see that she is actually living out the reality of the scripture, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged?” And just how many car explosions and massive wardrobe malfunctions will it take for her to realize that it is her own critical judgments of others that are boomeranging back on her?



4 comments on “Books

  1. Teryl Schollaardt says:

    So excited for your novel to be released.

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