Willow Feller, a recovering Pharisee, lives in the woods of North Idaho with her husband, Mike, and as of recently, none of the six rambunctious kids that they managed to raise and sequentially kick out of the nest. The nest-emptying has opened up more writing time for Willow, resulting in the publication of her first novel, The Epic Undoing of Haley Ann Ewing as well as recent articles for the online magazine, Burnside Writers Collective.

Together, Willow and Mike enjoy all the usual hyphenated Idaho stuff: trail-ambling, huckleberry-picking, firewood-cutting, and grizzly-sparring. They especially delight in time spent with their adorable granddaughters. Willow does not enjoy onion patch weeding, grinding stumps on the eight-acre plot Mike is intent on clearing, or the sound of her own screaming when, while operating a cantankerous tractor, she panics and pulls the hydraulic loader control lever in all the wrong directions, causing said loader to dangle field boulders over her hard-working husband’s head.

Mike doesn’t enjoy that either.


15 comments on “About

  1. Maureen Lange says:

    haha Willow!! an outlet for your musings–can’t wait to get started and dig in!

  2. Holly Graham says:

    The world wide web is an interesting place. Vast as it is, occasionally you stumble across an old familiar name and face. I get updates on your kids (and grandkids) every once and awhile from my dad. Glad to hear you are all well!
    Holly Starks Graham

    • Wow! This is so cool–the odds are really astronomical that you found me here. I, too, get updates on you. Would love to see you again sometime. I must say, seeing your name has churned up a whole bunch of memories…I think I hold the distinction of being your very first babysitter. Keep in touch.

  3. The Waiting says:

    Hi Willow! Thanks for stopping by my blog…now I know about yours! Looking forward to following and to hearing about your adventures with your kids and grandkids!

  4. darrellwolfe says:

    Hello! JoAnn told me about your site. Looks great! I’ll follow along. Do you have a facebook page for yourself or your site yet?

    If not you can create one easily here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

    You can also set it up to auto post your blog posts to the Facebook page here:

    I like your perspective. I too had to come out of religion and find Jesus for who he really is. I’ll watch your blog posts with interest. Thank you for adding your voice to the web. It’s great to have another voice!

  5. Wow! I just figured out that you’re JoAnn’s son-in-law. She talks very highly of you. I looked up your website–your business looks like a truly inspired enterprise. I’m always amazed at all the ways God gifts people to serve in so many different professions and venues.

    Thank you, too, for speaking up. I really appreciate hearing from you and am looking forward to meeting you, Flavia, and the boys in person some time. God bless!

    • darrellwolfe says:

      Happy to help. I keep my blog building notes here: http://bloggingbyn2gs.blogspot.com/ and I’m re-setting up the site to be helpful to other bloggers too. Maybe something there can be helpful for you too. Eventually, we will start traveling and we’ll come up and visit in ID someday. We’ll see you when that happens.

  6. Rick Alvey says:

    Hi Willow! Thanks for stopping by and for the like of my blog page. I’ve enjoyed browsing your blog and look forward to reading more. Blessings!

  7. Dr Wm Ryzek says:

    Hi Willow, If you’re in Northern Idaho you might know where Libby, MT is-that’s my home-town. Great blog btw and thanks for reading my recent post at “So…What’s the Point?”

    • This blogging world is so funny. One day I get communication from Asia and the next I hear from someone less than an hour away. I grew up in Kalispell and am now living only an hour west of Libby. Beautiful country–aren’t we blessed? So appreciate your comment. Here’s to happy reading for all of us!

      • Dr Wm Ryzek says:

        Thanks for reply-well, Libby is pretty much a toxic waste dump now because of the asbestos mining that was done there-better drive through town fast! And I live in So. Cal. now, pretty much just as toxic. Anyway, there’s always the Yaak River wilderness. I used to drive from Libby, to Troy, Bonners Ferry, Sandpoint, Coeur d’Alene to the big city Spokane- well, big to us anyway at the time.Anyway, watch out for the wood ticks lol

  8. Megan says:

    Willow, I really appreciate your blog, so I’ve nominated it for the One Lovely Blog Award! If you are interested in the details, you can find them here:

  9. Tim Shey says:

    I noticed that you live in North Idaho. I have hitchhiked through Kooskia, Idaho many times over the years; I have some friends that live near Stites, Idaho. I visit them once in a while.

    “Hitchhiking South of Grangeville, Idaho”

    “Chris McCandless Revisited”


    • Cool! We’re actually closer to the Canadian border but I’ve passed through Kooskia several times. I love our Idaho/Montana mountain ranges–wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Thanks, Tim.

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